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Molroviva Hair Care Color Set

Molroviva Hair Care Color Set

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10-Minute touch-up, repair, and brightening

For hair damage caused by perm and dyeing, semi-permanent hair care color set.

1. Descriptions 

Its not hair dyeing, its color care.


CAREEnriched with Camellia essence, it repairs and progressively improves the quality of hair damaged by dyeing and perming.


COLORUtilizes amino acid nano-color particles for translucent, foggy color that lasts.


FASTIn just 10 minutes, one can complete all the steps alone at home.

2. Before / After

For more real user results comparison, a single

bottle events out color and smooths frizz.



①Balance dual-tone hair color


②Restore pre-dyeing hair color 


③Color correction 

3. How to use

In just 10 minutes, one can complete all the steps alone

Recommended use: every 3-4 weeks 


  Step 1:  Wash hair with shampoo; no need to dry.
Step 2: Mix essence with color restorer, apply evenly from root to tip. 
Step 3: Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

4. Details 

Manufacturer: Molroviva

Net Weight: 10ml Smooth color lotion & 75ml Hair Mask Molroviva

Country Of Origin: China

Ingredients: Camellia extract, Amino acids

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  • Hope we can bring you something different and beautiful every time you use our hair care color set.

    Love From Molroviva 


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